Full service production

We can help and guide a client from concept and script to writing and shooting, editing and distribution. Whether you are looking for professional video, broadcast or cinema productions, we are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our clients. We also provide professional on-location production services mainly in Estonia & Finland but as well around the world. Contact us for instant pricing. 

Wildlife cinematography

We have over 10 years of experience filming and producing wildlife and nature films across Europe, Africa, North America. We offer professional nature and wildlife cinematography as custom order. All the way from short videos for e.g. TV commercials to specific species, landscapes and scenes for full featured cinema movies. The whole team has been involved in the nature film business in a way or another since starting their respective careers. If you need anything specific, contact us.

Post production

We offer high end post production services, all the way from managing footage to color grading. We work with 4K raw on a daily basis but lighter formats are not in anyway unfamiliar either. Our full featured post production studio is located in Estonia but if needed we have access to other studios across Europe through our good network. For lighter jobs we have a mobile unit as well which we can use practically anywhere. Even in remote areas where electricity isn't always an option. Additional post production services: logging, transcoding, encoding, digitization.

Aerial cinematography

Professional aerial cinematography in 4K. Flown by drones or by other means as hot balloons or airplanes.


We are looking for people who are interested in wildlife film making and we're offering an exclusive chance to be involved in the unique process of filming wild animals.

Equipment rental

We offer professional cinema equipment for rental. 4K raw cameras, lenses, remote cameras,  motorised sliders, jibs, power heads, still cameras and much more. Contact us for the full list.

Director Joosep (left) and producer Atte (right).

We work from everywhere.